The Assessment Criteria for Performance Excellence ( KPKU ) in 2014

In order to improve quality of performance of the Government-Owned Corporate, especially The Indonesian Government Printing Office (Perum PNRI) Started from  November 8th-21th 2015 cooperate with Assessor team from The Government-Owned Corporate Ministry to assest the Corporate performance starting from management level to the lowest level employees, or better known by appellation as Assessment Criteria for Excellence Performance  (KPKU).

The assessment was done from the administration side and documentation to doing a visit to production department. This assessment done to take a look at the commitment of Board of Directors and employee in improving company performance so that produce featured products.

In the direction of The President Director of The Indonesian Government Printing Office, received happily of the assessment by KPKU and will be cooperative with the Assessor team from the Government-Owned Corporate Ministry.

BPJS Socialization in The Indonesian Printing Office

PT Jamsostek (Persero) has been transformed to be Social Security Administrator (BPJS). All this time, Jamsostek has been served numbers of security activities for workers in Indonesia.

A substitution of legal basis and status from company to public institution raises questions from the society, related to premium which has been paid all the time to Jamsostek. One of the things that be attention is whether or not they can disburse the funds they had kept.

Related to that, The Indonesian Government Printing Office (PNRI), cooperate with BPJS and InHealth conduct socialization for PNRI’s employees at November 14th 2014.

Calculation HPP and Smart Card Training

In order to improve capability of employees in The Indonesian Printing Office on November 7th -8th 2014, the Indonesian Printing Office Management cooperate with Training Department conduct HPP and Smart Card training which was held in Wisma Tugu, Puncak Bogor.

On the occasion, The Indonesian Printing Office Management, invited some speakers from inside and outside company. Appeared one of the speakers, Mr. Sudrajat from PT Global Megah Karsautama while he was giving explanation about the process of Smart Card production to The Indonesian Government Office employees.

17 October 2014 Flag Ceremony (The Indonesian Office Printing Office Jubilee)

As in previous years in order to the Indonesian Printing Office 69th Jubilee, was held flag ceremony on October 17th 2014.  The Indonesian Printing Office’s President Director, Mr. Djakfarudin Junus, was the ceremony inspector. In his address, He said that The Indonesian Printing Office is entering the era of transformation starting from work culture, machining and Human Resource.

In this ceremony, there were scholarship distribution for the best employees at The Indonesian Printing Office and prizes for chess, table tennis, badminton, Volleyball, Futsal and Karaoke.

Blood Donation from The Indonesian Printing Office Employees

In order to enliven The Indonesian Printing Office 69TH Jubilee, The managements hold many contest such as: chess, table tennis, badminton, Volleyball, Futsal and Karaoke.

The blood donation was held on October 9th 2014. It was a collaboration of The Indonesian Printing Office Management, PKBL Department and Indonesian Red Cross (PMI).

Many of The Indonesian Government Printing Office employees joined this event and they were very enthusiastic. We expected this event can help them to foster a sharing culture to other human being.